$1.00 off ANY FireFly Toothbrush = FREE at Dollar Tree!

$1.00 off ANY FireFly Toothbrush

I was browsing through Dollar Tree the other day (actually alone!) and I saw these toothbrushes but I didn’t make the connection that they were the same ones that this coupon was for. I’m glad the coupon is still available because they had ANGRY BIRDS toothbrushes!  Bug has been begging me for an Angry Birds toothbrush every time we go in Walgreens but I just can’t let myself pay $4 for a toothbrush just because it has Angry Birds on it.

But FREE I can do!  I’ll be printing this $1.00 off ANY FireFly Toothbrush coupon and heading back down to Dollar Tree to scoop up a FREE Angry Birds toothbrush!Look for toothbrushes in a clear zippered pouch (like you get from the dentists office).  The pouch should be stamped with the logo “Firefly”.   My Dollar Tree also had Disney Princesses and Spiderman.  Others have reported seeing Avengers and Hello Kitty.

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Thanks Melissa’s Bargains!

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