Laser Finger Lights 4 Packs $.68 SHIPPED | Lowest Price!

Right now you can get a 4 pack of Laser Finger Beams for just $.68 SHIPPED!  This is the lowest price I’ve ever found on these!

Bug LOVES these things!  And the batteries last FOREVER.  He got some in his Easter basket and he takes 2-3 of them to bed every night.  They’re on for an hour at least before I go in there and turn them off after he goes to sleep.  And they’re still going…since Easter!

The kids will have a lot of fun with these!  Maybe you can even have an outside play night and let them run around the yard with their lights!  (They really do put out a decent amount of light!)

Whatever you use them for grab the Laser Finger Beams while you can get them for just $.68 SHIPPED!
Last time I bought them, I paid $.98!

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