Join Plink and Earn Rewards for Shopping and Dining! | Get a $10 Bonus

Still haven’t joined Plink?  Here’s a great offer for new members!

Get a $10 Gift Card of your choice when you spend ANY AMOUNT at Dominos!  Yes, that’s any amount – even it it’s under $10.  You can choose a gift card to places like, Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, Starbucks and more!

  1. Sign up with Plink HERE (it’s free!) and register any card
  2. Spend ANY Amount at Dominos
  3. Get a $10 Gift Card and get rewards when you shop and dine out at your favorite places!

Details: This offer for new members only! Sign up for Plink, make any purchase at Domino’s by Sunday, 7/7 11:59 EST, and you’ll 1,000 Plink Points – enough to redeem for a $10 Gift Card of your choice at places like, Target, Walmart, Kohls, Starbucks and more! Since Dominos is a private offer for new members, Dominos will not appear as an offer to place in your Plink Wallet. Rest assure you’ll still get your 1,000 Bonus <Plink Points. Go HERE for more.

Get paid to eat and shop at your favorite stores and restaurants.  Join Plink and earn Cash and Rewards from Amazon, iTunes, Home Depot, Facebook and more … just for eating and shopping at some of your favorite stores and restaurants! You’ll earn rewards at more than 35,000 locations nation-wide.

Once you join you can earn Cash & Rewards just for eating and shopping at some of your favorite stores and restaurants. You’ll earn rewards at more than 40,000 locations nation-wide. Free to join. Plink is a registered card program that allows you to earn Plink Points and other online rewards for dining out and shopping offline. You select where you want to eat or shop, and Plink activates those offers on your credit or debit card. It’s easy and safe!

Plink is designed so you don’t have to carry around an additional card, print out coupons, or use some sort of code to get your rewards. Simply pay with the credit or debit card you register with Plink when joining and we’ll automatically give you your rewards. To qualify for the $5 Gift Card, you must be a new user. Valid user information required. Securely and successfully connect any credit or debit card to your Plink account.

Start earning in 3 easy steps: 1) Sign up – it’s free! 2) Register your card and make your purchase to get your bonus! 3) Get rewards when you shop & dine out at your favorite places.

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