Don’t Miss a Deal or Coupon | Here’s How to Change your Facebook Settings

Do you feel like you’re missing out on deals, coupons or your favorite posts from Saving Toward A Better Life?

The problem started when Facebook decided to “choose” who “they” think “you” want to see in your newsfeed.  And now, “they” choose to allow my Facebook posts to show in the newsfeeds of less than 10% of my fans.  AND they want ME to PAY to have my posts seen by more of my fans.  People who have opted to see my page by “liking” it and they think I should have to pay for you to see content that you have decided you wanted to see.

Head over here to the Saving Toward A Better Life Facebook page (be sure to “like” me!)

Here are three things you can do to make sure you see me.

1.) Hover over the “Like” button.  Select Show in Newsfeed – when selected you will see a checkmark.

2.) Click Settings.  And it will ask you which updates you want to receive.  Check All Updates.

3.)  You can also choose to Get Notifications.  Which means you’ll get a notification at the top of your Facebook page when something new is posted.

Don’t forget to “like” or “comment” on posts from my page when you see them.  This alerts Facebook that you enjoy content from my page.  Plus, I respond to all Facebook comments!

And now, I have a Facebook Group – when you join the group you also get notifications of new posts.  You’ll see the group name on the left side of your screen when you’re on your newsfeed page.  A little number will pop up beside it as new posts are added.  You can check it at your convenience to catch all your deals!  Plus the group is great for chatting with other deal-seeking, frugal minded people!

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