Animal Finger Puppets Set $2.49 SHIPPED | Great Summer Busy Box or Car Trip Toy

Look how cute! These Animal Finger Puppets (10 total) are just $2.49 SHIPPED!!

What to do with your puppets?

  • This would be a great toy to put in what we call in our house “busy boxes” – small bins of special toys that we only get out on rainy days or days where we need something different.
  • It’s a great, quiet toy for long summer car trips!
  • Great for your Operation Christmas Child boxes!  Even if you can only spring for one set, you can split it up between several boxes – putting 3-4 in each one!  I want to put them in my 2-4 year old boxes!  I thin they are perfect for that age!

Get the Animal Finger Puppets Set for just $2.49 SHIPPED!  This is the lowest price I’ve seen on these!  Grab a couple sets if you can!

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