Possibly My Biggest FREE Score EVER

20130520-194459.jpgI went to Sam’s Club today to use up my Living Social deal from a a couple months back.  I had gotten my membership but I hadn’t used any of my freebies from the deal yet.

To refresh your memory, the deal was pay $45 for a one-year Membership and get a $20 Sam’s Club gift card and $19.84 in food-service vouchers.  I purchased the deal using LivingSocial credits I had earned from referrals.  BUT LivingSocial has a great system where after you purchase a deal you share it with your friends and if three buy, you get yours for FREE!  So after I bought, I shared and it was SUCH A GREAT DEAL of course 3 (actually more) of my friends bought it!  So I got my $45 in credits BACK. So I paid NOTHING for the deal, not even credits.  So just remember, I started out paying NOTHING for my membership, gift card and coupons.

So I pop in today and grab my FREE Rotisserie Chicken, FREE Pizza and two FREE boxes of cookies (those were all free from the food vouchers).   I grabbed a few things we needed – buns, milk, bananas and french toast sticks.  Those items were $14.04 (tax included) BUT I used my giftcard to pay for them.

So I walked out of Sam’s Club today with pizza, cookies, chicken, french toast, buns, bananas and milk for completely FREE!

I was feeling pretty proud of myself!   That’s nearly $34 worth of FREE food!


What’s the best score you’ve ever gotten?  Share with us in the comments!

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