Mother’s Day Keepsake Craft – I Love You From My Head To My Toes

Here’s something cute and fun for Mother’s Day! (And you can make it say grandma, nana, etc, too!)

I would like to start out by saying, I’m not an artist.  So, for my not-an-artist self, I think my flowers look great.

Anyway, we started with a 12×12 sheet of white cardstock (you can use 8.5×11 but I’m a scrapbooker so we have lots of 12×12 lying around).

I painted the bottom of Bug’s foot with a thin layer of paint and pressed it on the paper.  After it dried, I took some of my scrapbook pens/markers and drew some stems with flowers.  Some of the flowers I left an empty circle and let Bug go back and use his finger to fill it in with yellow paint.  It didn’t come out looking as much like finger prints as I wanted, but it works.

And, ta-da!  Top it off with the saying and you have a nice sentiment and a reminder of your little ones footprint!

This is great to do with little ones that can’t do much yet – a great way to preserve their footprints!

Or, if you have an older crew, they can be in charge of drawing their own flowers or cutting them from colored paper!

You can also let a little one scribble (or finger paint) on a sheet of paper and then cut the flower shapes from their finished piece of artwork.

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