The Lone Ranger in theaters July 3rd | Watch the trailer here

I LOVE Johnny Depp.  Love, love, LOVE.  I mean, who doesn’t love Captain Jack in The Pirates of the Caribbean?  I loved him in Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is one of Bug’s favorite movies!  Chocolat is one of my favorite movies.  And From Hell (about Jack the Ripper) was good – dark and twisty, but good.  There’s also Finding Neverland,  Sweeny Todd and go back even further to 21 Jump Street – that was a great show for it’s time.

Then when I found out Johnny Depp was going to be in the The Lone Ranger I was so excited because, naturally, I thought he was going to be the Lone Ranger.

Oh, but no.  He’s not playing the man behind the mask.

Johnny is playing…..Tonto.

Yes, you heard me…. TONTO.   Need proof?  Look beyond the face paint (and the BIRD on his HEAD) here:

I’m sure he does a fabulous job but, well, I would’ve preferred him in the mask – and, you know, without the bird on his head.

You can catch the trailer to The Lone Ranger, in theaters July 3rd, below.

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