Spring Cleaning: Out with the Old, In with….

NOTHING.  That’s what I want to bring into my house.  NOTHING.  I started “spring cleaning” back in about November.  I’ve hauled several bags and boxes full of stuff to the Good Will dropoff.  I do have some stuff set aside for a yard sale – I do enjoy a little extra cash – but I’m so ready for junk to be GONE that some of it just had to go to Good Will right now.

There are several ways to make extra cash off your cleaning out efforts.  Probably the most old fashioned way is a yard sale – and still a great way to get rid of a large amount of stuff in a short amount of time.

If you have good as new kids clothes – consignment sales are a great way to get rid of some stuff and get cash for them.  Consignment sales are usually in the spring and fall so ask around to see what’s going on around you.

In this technological age we live in, the internet is a great resource for finding ways to rid yourself of excess items!  Ebay is one of the oldest and most popular choices for selling extra stuff.  But you’re not limited to just Ebay anymore.

If you don’t want the hassle of prepping your clothes for a consignment sale, sites like ThredUp are great for getting rid of your gently used kids apparel.

If you have a lot of DVDs, CDs and video games to get rid of, Amazon has an option where they will buy those items from you.  Or you can check out the newest service to hit the scene, Music Magpie.  Music Magpie will give you cash for DVDs, CDs, Video Games and Blu-Rays.

If you come across gift cards hidden in drawers, check out sites like Plastic Jungle that will give you cash for your gift cards.

So, now that you know your choices, start cleaning out!

This informational post is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the sponsor, Music Magpie.  See my disclosure policy for more.

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