FREE: Stream The Hunger Games and hundreds of other movies at Amazon

Did you know that if you have an Amazon Prime Membership you can stream hundreds of movies and TV shows for FREE?

One of those you can watch for FREE right now is The Hunger Games!  I’ve thought about watching this movie and now that I can watch it for FREE I’ll be sure to see it!

Some other titles I saw for free streaming:

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime membership you can get a FREE trial!

Here’s how to get your Amazon Prime Trial without being charged after the trial is over:

Sign up for your free trial here:  free trial of Amazon Prime

Then before your trial is up, go to your account page (it’s at the top right hand side of the page when you’re logged in) Scroll down the page to your account settings where it says “manage prime membership”. Click there and you will see an option to have it renew automatically or not. Just set it NOT to renew.

Easy as pie. It only works if you’ve never been a Prime member. And while you’re a prime member, be sure to take advantage of the TV shows and movies you can stream for free and Kindle books you can borrow for free.

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