What $5 Can Get You at Walmart | Couponer vs Non Couponer

Welcome to the next installment of What $5 Can Get You!  This time, I was shopping at Walmart.

A Non-Couponer could get:

  • Kool-Aid Jammers $1.88
  • Frusion $2.98
  • Hormel Sandwich Makers $1.98

For a total of $6.84.  Yep, went over the $5 for just THREE items!

A COUPONER would be able to get

  • Kool-Aid Jammers $.88 after coupon
  • Frusion $1.98 after coupon
  • Hormel Sandwich Makers $.98 after coupon
  • Scotch Brite Wipes $2.00 for 2 after coupon
  • Poise Wipes -$0.03 after coupon  (yes, negative 3 cents after coupon)

and pay only $5.84 for SIX items!

Which shopping trip would you rather have?

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