Winn Dixie now offers eCoupons

Getting started at Winn-Dixie


Winn-Dixie now has eCoupons to load to your card!  Check out

When I first found out, I admit, I rolled my eyes.  I wasn’t exactly thrilled.  BUT then I read this part of their “Help” section:

Q. Can I use an e-coupon and a paper coupon for the same item in a single transaction?
A. Yes, up to the limit of the item purchase price.

WHAT?!?  I can use a paper coupon on the same item I use an e-coupon on?  YES!  Take that PUBLIX!  (And everywhere else that is determined to confuse us by issuing these ecoupons and making us compare paper to ecoupon an remember which one we want to pick for the deal – Winn Dixie is going to let us use BOTH!)

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