What $5 Can Get You: Coupons vs. Non-Coupons at Publix

Back by popular demand!  Lots of you seem to love the posts I did here and here showing the difference in what you can get with $5 with and without coupons.

Here are two pictures from a recent trip to Publix.  The first shows what I could’ve spent $5 on.  The second shows what I actually got with $5 because I used coupons!   The interesting thing to note, is that the chicken patties were on sale.  If they had NOT been on sale, my $5 would’ve been blown on just them.  They are $4.99 regular price.

Because I shopped a sale, without coupons I could get the patties ($2.50), buns ($1.29) and pudding ($1.25) for $5.04 (tax not included because it varies so much state to state.)

Because I had coupons, I saved $1.50 on the chicken, $.50 on the buns and got THREE puddings because I had a buy 2 get 1 free coupon.  That put my total at $4.29.  Throw in a pack of hot dogs on sale for $1.00 and my total was $5.29.  For a quarter more, I was able to get twice as many things just because I took the time to clip three coupons!

If you think couponing doesn’t work and it doesn’t really save you money, well…the proof is in the pudding.  ;)

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