FREE Kindle ebook Downloads: Anna Karenina, Tom Sawyer, Grimm’s Fairy Tales and more

Here are quite a few classics you can download for FREE!  (I’ve been reading Grimm’s Fairy Tales.  LOL.)  This is especially good if you have a kid in high school – one of these might pop up on the required reading list!  I know I had to read Tom Sawyer in school and I read Jane Eyre when I had to pick a book of my choice to do a project on.   Download these now and have them when you need them!

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Wuthering Heights

Anna Karenina

Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Jane Eyre

Don’t have a Kindle?  You can download a free application which enables you to read Kindle ebooks on your computeriphoneAndroidBlackberry, iPad and more.

Amazon keeps a running list of Kindle books you can download for free, so check it out!

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