A Day in My Life: What Would You Do With 500 Index Cards?

20121018-000301.jpgA Day in my Life –What would you do with 500 Index Cards?

I was cleaning out the office and I kept finding index cards.  The first time I set them to the side until I could decide what to do with them.  Then when I found some more I was like “Hey, I just found some of those, let me put these with them.”   And then I found some more, and some more…..and some more.   By the time I finished I had nice stack of cards going on.   My best estimate (because I did not COUNT all the index cards) is that there are 500 index cards.

Now, mind you, I do not recall ever actually PURCHASING index cards in my adult life.  These made it to my house when I moved, obviously leftover from high school/college supplies, and it’s possible that more made it to my house after cleaning out my mom’s house when she passed away.  But, seriously, how do you have 500 index cards??

So…I’m trying to figure out what to DO with 500 index cards.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Shopping list – they’re the perfect size for tucking inside envelopes.  I usually write my list on the envelope and keep my coupons inside while I’m shopping.  But now I can make my list on an index card which means I can reuse my envelopes.  So, that’ll save me some envelopes.
  • Bookmark – yep, easy enough
  • Notes –  my desk is now littered with index cards with notes one them, mostly about blog posts/ideas

So, give me some ideas.  What would you use 500 index cards for?

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