Frugal Kid’s Halloween Craft – Spider

Here’s a creepy, crawly, craft for the kids!  Let them make their very own spider!

You will need:

A piece of corrugated cardboard (like from a shipping box)
Black paint, paintbrush and clothespin
Two black pipe cleaners
Two wiggle eyes and glue


Cut out an “8” shape from the cardboard.   When you cut out your spider make sure you cut across the corrugated holes so you have openings (you should be able to look between the cardboard and see straight through)

Use the clothespin to hold the cardboard while you paint it.  (We only paint the top side.)  When you’ve painted it, move the clothespin and paint the spot where the clothespin was.

Let it dry completely.

Take two black pipe cleaners and cut them exactly in half.  (You’ll have four pieces and each piece makes two legs).

Thread the pipe cleaners through the holes in the cardboard (space them evenly) to make the spider’s legs.  Bend the ends to make him stand up.

Glue on wiggle eyes.  Enjoy your spider

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