Second Update on the $25 Backpack Challenge

I’m still buying things for my $25 Backpack Challenge!  Here’s my second update.

Backpack – $1.64 at Toys R Us after coupon

Two packs of pencils – $0.24 at Walgreens after coupons

Folder, two pencil boxes, two pairs of scissors and two compasses – $1.13 at Office Depot after coupons

Three packs Bic Mechanical Pencils, one Sharpie marker 2pk, four pencil cases, four packs of erasers, one pack of highlighters, one box of pens – $3.11 after coupons and Easy Rebates back at Staples

And not pictured is a second backpack I’ve ordered from because I have more items than will fit in one backpack!  This was my biggest purchase so far at $9.48 for backpack, tax and shipping.

Despite the backpack being nearly $10, I still have $5.76 left to spend!

I have purchased 2 backpacks and a total of 54 items to put in the backpacks for less than $20!

Check out my first update and stay tuned!  I have to spend the rest of my money by the 10th.  I’ll give you a final update soon!

When I’m finished, the backpacks and supplies will be donated to my church which is very active in our schools and with assisting families in our community.

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