Operation Christmas Child Update

I haven’t updated in a while but I’ve been collecting, that’s for sure!  And this time of the year is perfect for collecting school supplies for your Operation Christmas Child boxes!

This is a big update so I’m just going to run down everything quickly.

The hat, shirts and hair accessories were fillers at Walgreens I used RR on – so they were free.  The coloring book was on clearance at CVS and I paid with ECBs so it was free too.

All the Roseart supplies were FREE at Target with a super awesome sale and coupons a couple weeks ago.  I have enough crayons for this year AND next!

The pens were FREE with overage after a coupon at Publix and the overage paid for the pencils.  More FREE items.

The Moon Dough is one of my largest single item purchases, it was $1.32 on clearance at Target.  I hope it doesn’t blow my budget.  ;)

The Disney princess sticker/coloring set was $0.75.

The yellow book and two pink books cost me $3.00.

The rulers and gluesticks were $0.28 total.

So for this lot of stuff, I spent $5.35.  Add that to the $7.08 I’ve already spent and my total is $12.43.   My budget is $60 for 6 boxes but each box requires a $7 shipping donation.  So that’s $42 of my budget.  Which means I only have $18 to spend on items.

Fortunately, with the items I’ve already collected I’ve packed THREE of my boxes.  And as soon I can round up a couple more shoe boxes I’m going to divide out the rest of the items.  I think I have just about everything I need to pack 6 boxes!  Maybe more!

I hope you’ll consider couponing to OCC!

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