Couponing to Help Others This Week – $2.30

Here’s my contribution to the church food pantry this week.  I paid $3.00 for these 10 jars of baby food.  I bought them on sale, with a coupon and while they were a bonus fuelperk item at Winn-Dixie.  Which means I earned 5c per gallon back on my purchase.  I used my fuelperks the next time I filled my car up.  Five cents per gallon off 14 gallons saved me $0.70 so it’s like I only paid $2.30.

As couponers, we are in a special position to help out.  Think of all the things you have “extra” of because you use coupons or all the things you can get for pennies.

I challenge you every week to spend $3 to $5 on items to help others.  Find a place to contribute these items to and give back!

Have you given back recently?

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