Winn-Dixie fuelperks! program coming to Alabama Stores

I have been waiting for this day for years!  Winn-Dixie has finally launched it’s fuelperks! rewards program in it’s Alabama stores!  The deals start with the ad that came out today (7/25).  I will have the ad matchup later today but here is more about the fuelperks! program.  (NOTE: You will need to sign up for a NEW Rewards card – one that has a magnetic stripe on it, for use at the gas pump to apply your savings)

Every time a $50 spending threshold is crossed at participating Winn-Dixie’s using the reward card with magnetic stripe, a $.05 cent per gallon discount on gas is earned and deposited into your account. There is no limit to the discount per gallon so stack up and save even more.

To earn fuelperks! even faster, look for hundreds of bonus fuelperks! items throughout the store. Each bonus item earns additional fuelperks! ranging from  $.05 to $.50 cents off per gallon!

Join the Baby Club and earn an additional $.10 per gallon every time a $25 threshold on baby products is crossed.

fuelperks! earned expire one month after the month in which they are earned. As an example, all fuelperks! earned in March, expire at the end of April.

The fuelperks! account balance is printed right on your receipt tape or you can view it online.

fuelperks! can be redeemed immediately at any participating gas station. Simply select YES on the pump prompt and follow the instructions on the screen.

fuelperks! are redeemed in their entirety on a one time fill-up of up to 20 gallons of gas. fuelperks! cannot be used across multiple fill-ups.

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