Preschool Project: Making Flags

We do a preschool unit titled “Learning about Signs and Symbols”.  In this unit we learn that different things (signs, symbols, flags) stand for or mean certain things.  Identifying a stop sign is probably the first “meaning” of a sign a child ever learns.

With the Fourth of July tomorrow, it’s a good time to talk about the American Flag and what it stands for.  You can find some FREE printable American Flag coloring sheets here.

You can also make your own flags!

Preschool Project of the Week:  Making Flags
Preschool Skills: Fine Motor, Creative Thinking

Large Flag:

Empty paper towel roll
Sheet of Construction Paper
Decorations – I just happened to have a bunch of shiny shapes to use.  You can use stickers, Foam Shapes
or just draw.

Bug picked black construction paper because he wanted his to be a “pirate flag”.

Decorate your flags to your liking and when you’re finished, run some glue lines down one short side of your paper.  You want glue lines from the edge to about two inches in.

Lay paper towel tube on edge of paper and roll the paper until all the glued part is touching the tube.  (Wrapping the paper around the tube this much just give the flag a little more stability then just gluing a small edge to the front of the tube.)

Small Flag:

Jumbo Popsicle Stick
Construction Paper cut in small squares

We made a “G” on this flag for Bug’s name.  We talked about how his letter “G” flag stood for him and his name.

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