Our (two) Week(s) on Pinterest 7/29

The Pinterest post just didn’t get done last week but there were some notable things that happened.  So here’s a recap of the last two weeks on Pinterest:

Ready or not, it’s time to start thinking back-to-school.  And if you need a reminder about it, just jump on Pinterest, aka a teacher’s favorite place.  Either that, or I just have waaaaay to many teacher friends!  I pinned a good number of ideas for the upcoming year to the Preschool/Homeschooling Board.  I couldn’t even BEGIN list it all, so I will list the most relevant to the beginning of school.   Here’s a first day of school “craftivity” that I thought was cute and modifiable into something I can use in the preschool classroom.  I pinned a LOT of tactile learning activities like this pom-pom quiet activity box, eye spy game using small objects, filler and pencil pouches and a tactile matching game using balloons filled with different dry substances!

Bug and I made ice cream, and not the kind you eat.  Here’s an Ice Cream Scoop Learning Craft.  I actually made this one up when I had 1st and 2nd graders in summer camp a couple summers ago.  Everyone had a cone on the wall and each “scoop” was a different writing activity we completed and added to the cones.  For Bug (preschool) I decided to color words.  He knows all his colors by sight (numbers too which is why I chose not to number the scoops – but it’s a good idea too!) so I wrote the name of the color on the matching scoop and let him copy it.  Our Ice Cream Cone is hanging on the wall in the playroom by our work table.  Color word recognition and spelling is a skill we master by the end of 4K  I’m giving Bug a year’s head start on it!

I pinned some more ideas for Bug’s Pirate Theme Birthday Party.   I’m pretty set on doing “Pirate Ship Cupcakes” with a toothpick and pirate ship sail printable.

Have you seen my Cool Products board?  Cool products this week including Couponing T-Shirts and a LEGO Captain Jack Alarm Clock.

I started a Thanksgiving/Halloween/Fall board.  I pinned one thing but I know I have other pin lurking on other boards that need to be moved over.

Oh, and let us not forget probably the biggest board I have, the RECIPES board!  This week to the recipes I added my Dressed Up Boxed Pasta Salad – yummy and filling enough to be a one dish meal.  I bought zucchini at the produce market this weekend so I can make Cheesy Zucchini Bake and Parmesan Zucchini Fries.  I thought I had pinned Zucchini tots but I couldn’t find it.  I want to make those too!

I know I usually pick a funny to end with but I really like this and want to find somewhere in my kitchen for this quote:


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