Monday’s Money Saving Recipe – Stockpile Beef Stew and Rice

This is so easy I can’t believe it took me this long to come up with it!

Anytime you can cook from your stockpile you are saving money, and one thing I don’t lack for in my stockpile are canned soups and rice sides.  And this can utilize leftovers also, making it even better!

So, here’s what I’ve dubbed Stockpile Beef Stew and Rice:

1 can Vegetable Beef soup
1 package Rice Sides Mushroom
(or you can just use plain white rice – but the mushroom tastes really good with it!)

Optional additions:

Diced Onions
Diced Celery
Leftovers – corn, green beans, peas

When I made it the other night, I had some leftover canned green beans in the fridge that I tossed in with it.  This was so simple and Hubs just RAVED about how much he liked it and how I should make things more like this more often (not real sure what he meant by that part..)

Using coupons, I most likely got each item for $1 (or less!) so, dinner under $2.00!!

This recipe can easily be doubled with another can of soup.

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