Beautiful Books Review: Thank You Bear

Looking for the perfect book for a child? Check out this recommendation from Beautiful Books for Children!

Thank You Bear – by Grey Foley

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Do your kids want the box more than the present? “Thank You Bear” is a sweet and simple story that even your youngest child will love. But it also sneaks in a lesson in critical thinking as you try to figure out together what IS in that box anyway? And a teachable moment about both being kind as well as believing in yourself as Bear faces criticism everywhere he turns. You have to read it to believe how all this can be accomplished in one simple children’s book – but I know you will love it! Read the full book review including activities to do together after reading this book.

Rivka Kawano is mom to three boys and an avid reader who loves finding beautiful books to share with her kids. You can read all of her book reviews and suggestions at:

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