Monday’s Money Saving Recipe – Cinnamon Toast

Like the Peanut Butter Marshmallow Crackers, this is another childhood favorite. I loved cinnamon toast for breakfast AND I loved even more when I was deemed old enough to MAKE MY OWN. Which was a big deal, it requiring the oven and all. :) But even for little ones, they can be involved in the prep for cinnamon toast and mom or dad can handle the oven part.


Sliced Bread

Butter (softened – or you can use the kind in the squeeze bottles)




Lay slices of bread on a cookie sheet or pan.

Spread butter on bread.  Cover with sugar (some may argue that I use too much sugar, but I want it to be good.  LOL.  I make sure to cover ALL the butter with sugar, a thin layer, but still, no butter showing)

Sprinkle cinnamon (much more sparingly than the sugar.  I like a good 2 to 1 sugar/cinnamon ratio)

Put pan in oven and broil on high for about 3-5 minutes.  WATCH CAREFULLY.  Oven temperature vary and these will burn quickly.  And no one likes burnt cinnamon toast.  Once you’ve made it a couple times, you’ll get a feel for how long it takes.  You want the cinnamon/sugar mixture bubbly and melting and the outer crust crunchy like regular toast.


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