FREE $25 American Express Gift Card when you load money to a Prepaid Card

The American Express Prepaid Card. Get exclusive American Express benefits- with no credit check. Get your card now!

Get a FREE $25 American Express gift card when you load $200 or more to a American Express Prepaid card.  I know $200 seems like a lot, but what I plan to do is take $200 from next pay day that I would normally take out of the bank in cash for groceries for the next couple weeks and instead load it on the card.  Then I will just use the card for groceries until it runs out!  I’m not taking out an extra $200 from our account, I’m just taking money I would use on groceries anyway.  And I’ll get $25 FREE for it!  Who wouldn’t want to do that?

ORDER AN AMERICAN EXPRESS® PREPAID CARD, LOAD $200 OR MORE AT THE TIME OF ORDER, AND RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY $25 GIFT CARD. Offer Ends June 30, 2012. Limit one (1) offer per Card. After qualifying for this offer, please allow 6 weeks for the $25 Gift Card to be mailed to the Card purchaser.

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