Emergency Food Supply from efoods direct

Being a couponer means my pantry is never empty.  And that gives me some assurance that in an minor to moderate emergency, we would be okay.  We have days and days worth of meat and perishables and weeks and weeks worth of dry and canned goods.  But what if we were completely lacking power for days – no stove, no oven, no microwave? Or what if we had to evacuate quickly – what could I grab quickly to take with us?

This is where a supply of freeze dried, just add water meals that are easy to store, quick and easy to transport and keep for years and years is important.  efoods direct can help you with this supply.

efoods direct is sending me some samples of their meals and I’m excited to give them a try and more importantly to start our major emergency food supply.  I can’t wait to share more about efoods direct with you.

Check out efoods direct’s offer of SIX free meals so you can try them out too!

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