Bargain Brag: Couponing at Walmart isn’t Always Bad

Okay, so despite all the BAD shopping experiences I’ve had at Walmart:

-there was the cashier that treated me like a criminal for trying to use a coupon for something I didn’t buy when I DID – only SHE had put it in the bag without ringing it up

there was the cashier that didn’t know their own coupon policy even though it was posted right in front of her

-followed by a higher up who didn’t know their own coupon policy even though it was right in front of her

-then there was the customer in line behind me who YELLED at me because I used coupons

so despite all that, sometimes, I have a WaMart trip that goes off without a hitch.  Like this one in the picture.  I got everything you see for just $18.89 +tax.  To give you a point of reference, the cat treats are regularly $1.98 each x 6 packs = $11.88.  So for just $7 more, I got everything  in the picture.

Print coupons for Frusion and Morning Star Farms HERE

Cutter coupons:  $1/1 Cutter Product, exp. 7/31/12 (RP 05/20/12) and here (the candles are Cutter products and they are $.97!)

Read up on the greeting card deal HERE

Benadryl $2 off coupon from 6/19/11 RP  makes the sticks only $.28 each

Hartz Crunch & Clean coupons from 6/3/12 SS

Sun drop coupon no longer available.  ($1/1 printable from a while back – makes it FREE!)

I saved $17.50 with coupons (that’s almost 50%!)

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