Back Again! FREE Amazon MP3 Credit from Pepsi

I just love FREE MP3 downloads!  I’ve built my entire MP3 library on free downloads from Amazon!

Follow @Pepsi on Twitter and tweet your favorite Katy Perry song using the hashtag #PepsiMusicNow to get a free $1.29 MP3 credit. I know, I know, tweets, hashtags, it’s all very confusing.  Here’s what you can do:

Just click HERE, click the “follow” button (unless it already says “following”) , then in the “tweet to Pepsi box” put #PepsiMusicNow and the name of your favorite Katy Perry song.  (I don’t know a lot of Katy Perry songs…I used “Wide Awake”)

Watch your direct messages on your Twitter account, that’s where they will send your free code.

After you get your credit, find a song or album to download!

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