Saturday’s Saving Tip – Buy kid’s clothes off season from the clearance racks!

Always be sure you check out the clearance racks at Target and Walmart too because I’ve been able to score great prices on kid’s clothes.

This was a score from the Target clearance rack back before Christmas. The two onesies here were only $1.00 and so were the tshirts.

The infant jacket was $1.25  The polo shirt on the right was $2.50.

The winter coat that Bug wore this past winter was only $4.50 off a Walmart clearance rack this time last year!

I love buying up in sizes from the clearance rack.  It’s a great way to save on clothes for the little ones.  Here’s some tips:

Kid’s grow so fast that I always make sure I buy a size up if the item is out of season (for example, the two tshirts I bought were 4T even though Bug was mostly wearing 3Ts at the time.

You have to know what your typical weather is like all year round.  Even if Bug can’t wear those 4T shirts in April when it starts warming up, we live in Alabama where we wear short sleeves all through the month of October (and beyond sometimes)  So I know they will get wear.

Know when to pass on a deal!  Even if it’s only $1.00, if it’s the size your child is in now but it’s going to be a good 4 or 5 months before they can wear it, don’t get it.  A dollar may only be a dollar but wasting it is still wasting.

I buy several sizes up too when the price is right.  Back during the summer I found some size 6 long sleeved t shirts AND a fleece pullover for $1.00.  You’d better believe I snatched them all up!  I have boxes in the garage labeled 4T, 5, and 6 and up.  When I find a deal like that, I just toss it in the appropriate box and there it stays until time to pull that size out.  I’ve done this since Bug was a baby – always having boxes to collect the next size up things.

How do you save money on kid’s clothes?

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