Money-saving tip: Sunday Comics for Wrapping Paper

When it comes to saving money, no amount is too small. When you find a money saving tip that works for you, run with it! All those little savings add up.

Today’s tip is saving money on wrapping paper!

I tend to be more of a gift bag person (because they’re so easy to save and reuse!  And because I hate wrapping.)  I do wrap things at Christmas because it’s more fun to open a wrapped gift.  But.I.don’

Anyway, I had this small thing (DVD) for Hub’s birthday and I wanted to wrap it because I like watching him unwrap stuff (plus, it’s rare that he get’s something he doesn’t know he’s getting as the case was here!)  But since I don’t usually wrap, my wrapping paper choices were (a) all things Christmas (b) Disney princesses and (c) Thomas the Train.  While (c) would’ve been acceptable, I could only imagine the tears shed by Bug if (a) the Thomas the Train present wasn’t his or (b) Daddy ripped Thomas apart.

Then I saw my stack of newspapers I hadn’t taken the coupons out of yet and “ta-da!”  I had my plan.  I wrapped it in a sheet of the comics.  And since it’s stiffer than wrapping paper it’s easier for to wrap gifts.

And as a couponer, I always have Sunday papers lying around which means I always have perfectly good wrapping paper also!  And I don’t have to “keep” it because I know I’ll be getting more every Sunday!

Other ways to save on wrapping paper:

  • Buy Christmas wrapping paper after Christmas for 75-90% off
  • Use brown postal paper (look in the section of Walmart/Target where the envelopes and bubble wrap are)  Bonus: The kids can decorate this with crayons, markers, scissors, paint (painted handprints perhaps?) etc.
  • Don’t wrap!  :D  Reuse your gift bags.

How do you save on wrapping gifts?