What $5 can get a couponer vs. non-couponer: part 2

I had so much fun doing this $5 post the first time that I thought I’d do it again.

Just like the first time, the store I purchased these items from was Publix and again, I was amazed at how people that don’t use coupons afford groceries!

Publix milk is $3.99 regular price and the day I was in there, the Knorr side dishes were on sale for $1.00.  So without coupons this would have been $4.99.

Since I was armed with an arsenal of coupons this is what *I* got for just $5.00:

One Gallon of Milk ($3.99)
Four Knorr Pasta Sides ($4.00)
Two Starkist Tuna ($2.00)
Coupons: Two $.50/2 Knorr doubled (-$2.00)
Two $.50/1 Starkist Tuna doubled (-$2.00)
$1/2 Starkist Tuna PUBLIX coupon ($-$1.00)
Total paid $4.99

For the same as a non-couponer would have paid for milk and one pasta side dish I got the same two things plus FIVE MORE items!!

Share this with your non-couponing friends!  :)

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