Walgreens – 3 Weeks of Bargain Brags: $8.25 profit!

I’m not sure any of these are worth getting too excited over.  Three weeks ago I rolled the rest of the RR I had left over from Black Friday into two bottles of Blink Tears – giving me two $8 RR to use.

I used one of them the next week on this transaction – Free after RR toothpaste, Sundwn vitamins for the rebate and two Valentine notepads for $.99 ea as fillers .  A little more than I normally pay for fillers but these went in the goodie bags for Bug’s teachers’ Valentine gifts.  I used one $8 RR on it and paid $2.98 for it and will submit for $4.00 Rebate on the Sundown and got $4.00 RR back.  So it was pretty much a $5.02 money maker.

Then last week I went last week because I HAD to use the last $8 RR.  I found PediaCare Allergy on clearance for $4.79 (we need this stuff!), I got the Lypsyl that was Free after RR, two free chapsticks, BreathRight that was a $2 money maker after FREE catalina and $2 Walgreens coupon from the February booklet, Mitchum that was $.99 after coupons and $.99 crackers because I thought I needed something else in my transaction but I think it would have been fine with out them but they are Bug’s favorite and they were on sale ($.99 for that whole pack!) so no loss!  I used the $8 RR, paid $1.77 and got $5.00 RR back.

So I now have a total of $9.00 RR to spend and a $4.00 rebate on it’s way back to me from 12 items that I only paid $4.75 for.  That’s a profit of $8.25!

Check out what you can get for under $1 at Walgreens this week here.

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