TWO FREE Greeting Cards from! Birthday Cards
Of all the things I talk about stockpiling, I forget to talk about stockpiling greeting cards! (New post idea maybe?) Grabbing FREE or cheap greeting cards when you can is a great way to always have a card on hand for any occasion without having to pay an arm and a leg (seriously – $4.49 for a card in the store?? MADNESS I tell you!)

Now through February 29, 2012, you can get TWO free greeting cards from Just visit CardStore, shop for your greeting cards, and use coupon code MCSFC0212 at checkout to get a $6.00 credit (which should get you 2 cards for free).

I’m always on the hunt for cheap or free greeting card deals through year for events that I know are happening – family & friends birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day, father’s day, etc – and I’m always on the look out to have a few baby, wedding, get well and thinking of you and even a couple blank cards on hand for whatever may come along.  Right now, I have a birthday card for every birthday for the rest of the year and father’s day cards!  My baby card stash is dwindling though (I’ve had to use a few already this year!) So I may get a baby card and a mother’s day card, since that is just around the corner!

You may have to pay a small shipping charge (less than $1) for 2 cards but you can play around with different options to try to avoid this if you’d like.  Even if you have to pay $0.98 for two cards, shipped, it’s still a great deal if you ask me!

Thanks Freebie Spot!

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