Money-saving tip: Run your fans on reverse during the winter

When it comes to saving money, no amount is too small. When you find a money saving tip that works for you, run with it! All those little savings add up.

Today’s tip is to run your ceiling fans 24/7/365.

In the summer, obviously they help.  They can make a room feel 3 degrees cooler than it actually is.  We only have two and I keep them running even when I’m at work because I can tell a difference when I get home and I don’t have to run to the thermostat and turn it down 3 degrees because it’s stifling in my house!

Now, in the winter, flip that little switch on your fan.  It reverses the blades (speaking from experience, DUST the blades before reversing them!).  Heat rises, so when you run your heat in the winter, you are spending a lot of money heating the ceiling.  Running your fans in reverse pushes the hot air down.  Keeping the room warm.  I was a skeptic but I’ve done this a few winters and it works!

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