Delivery that fits your life: My Choice from UPS

Become a member of UPS My Choice and get delivery that fits your life, not theirs! Receive alerts before packages arrive, electronically authorize packages for drop-off, re-route packages to other locations, and many other options. And it’s all for FREE.

I’ve been receiving several packages a week recently (it’s just that time of year!) and I love when I get the email from UPS telling me when my package is scheduled to arrive.  I have options, if I needed it to be rerouted or delivered another day, which are services I haven’t used yet.  I just like knowing that there will be a packaged delivered that day, especially if I’m not going to be home during the day.  I know to be expecting it on the porch when I get home.  Since we enter from the downstairs basement door I sometimes forget to check the front porch when I get home!)

Sign up for UPS My Choice for FREE today!

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