Why the Dollar Tree is a great place to purchase Operation Christmas Child Shoebox items!

 I did some shopping the other day to help round out my Christmas Shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.  Collection week is next week so I have to get on the ball and get them done!

Before I was a bargain shopper, I did all my OCC Shoebox shopping at the Dollar Tree because I was able to get so much for so little.  Of course, if you’ve been following along, you know this year I’ve gotten so MUCH more with so very little by bargain shopping!  But I got a late start this year so I knew I was probably going to have to fill out the boxes with some items purchased at the Dollar Tree.

Here’s what I picked up:

  • Pack of 12 combs (enough for every box with some left over for next year!) – $1.00
  • Two 3pks of cars (split them up to put two cars in each boy box) – $2.00
  • Pink comb and mirror set (too cute to pass on – put in the 5-9 yr old girl box) – $1.00
  • Two crayon box 3pks (only one is pictured – also got a Cars themed one) – $2.00
  • Two pk of scissors (one for each 10-14 yr old box) – $1.00
  • Two 3pks of wash cloths (one for each box) – $2.00

Total spent at the Dollar Tree = $9.00

Add that to my previous total of $5.28 and I’ve only spent $14.28 (and I’ve already packed 2 boxes and have most of the items needed for the other 4!)

So my 6 boxes at $10/each goal = $60.00
Take $7/each shipping out -$42.00
Total to spend on items = $18.00
Minus amount spent – $14.28
Total left to spend = $3.72

Think I can do it?  :)

I love couponing to help others!  Read more about Operation Christmas Child!

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