Six Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes packed for $19.68!

  There they are!  All 6 boxes packed and shipped for $61.78!  My goal was $60 for all of them so I think I did great!  $60 sounds like a lot, but it costs $7 per box for shipping.  So after shipping, I only spent $19.78 on everything you see in the boxes!

OH!  And I wanted to include a picture and a letter in each box and late last night I remember the bazillion photo Christmas cards left over from last year!  Perfect!  I wrote a message on the back of each photo card and put it in an envelope and placed it inside each box!  What a great use for those cards that I had nothing else to do with!  The picture is a little outdated but that’s ok!

Here are a few things that I did (and like to do every time I pack OCC shoeboxes!)

  • Every box gets basic toiletries (soap, washcloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush/comb)
  • Every younger child (2-4 and 5-9) gets a stuff animal.
  • Every box gets playdough!
  • Every boy gets cars/trucks
  • Every girl gets hair accessories
  • Every box gets at least one storybook
  • Every box gets crayons and coloring books/paper
  • Every school age box (5-9 and 10-14) gets pens, pencils, erasers and a pencil sharpener
  • Every box gets age appropriate toys (balls, yo-yos, slinkys, puzzles, stickers)
  • Every box gets candy!

The boxes are going to the collection site today.  Here they are, all ready to go!

Now to get started on next year’s boxes!

Here are some things I want to include next year that I will be watching out for a good deal on:

  • Bandaids – brightly colored or character ones.  Saw this on another site as a suggestion and thought it was a great idea!
  • More clothing items.  (This year I was able to find flip-flops for $0.49 each for the 5-9 boxes.  The 2-4  boxes got cute socks.  The 5-9 boy got a t-shirt and the 10-14 boy got a hat)  I want to do more next year.
  • More art supplies.  Even though everyone got crayons, only one box got watercolors.  One box got sidewalk chalk.

What do YOU like to put in your OCC shoeboxes?

I love couponing to help others!  Read more about Operation Christmas Child!

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