Monday’s Money-Saving Recipe: Using Leftovers for Lunch

So, it’s pretty well known that you can save money simply by staying out of the drive thru.  I mean, have you seen the prices on the menu?  One combo meal costs you $6-$8 after tax.  I can make a meal for 4 at home for half that amount!

Today’s tips are lunch ideas when you just can’t bear the thought of another ham sandwich!

Here are some ideas that are fast and yummy (and since a lot of them utilize leftovers, you’re saving even more!)

  • If you always have extra meatloaf left over, freeze individual slices. Pack a slice of the frozen meatloaf and some bread in the morning and it’ll be thawed by lunchtime for a delicious meatloaf sandwich!
  • When you’re cooking boneless, skinless chicken for a dish, dice up some extra pieces and cook on the side then refrigerate them. They’re a great topping for a lunchtime salad.
  • Start doubling your pasta salad recipes so you can take some for lunch the next day.  Beef up your pasta salads with diced tomatoes, olives, crispy bellpeppers, even some shredded
    chicken and it will make a very satisfying lunch.
  • Snack your way through lunch!  This is my favorite because sometimes I don’t have time to stop and eat a “meal” at work.  I pack my bag with a few portions of some of my favorite healthy snacks – broccoli or carrot sticks with ranch dressing, crackers and cheese slices, grapes or a banana, some almonds or other nut mix, a granola bar, etc. – then I  can just munch while I work.
  • If you must take a sandwich, make it good!  Hubs doesn’t mind a ham sandwich for lunch when I put it on sub sandwich bread with white american cheese, lettuce, tomato, and onions.  (It beats what you would pay for one at that place down the street!)
  • Wrap it up!  Using a tortilla or pita wraps can make even the most ordinary foods extraordinary!  Stuff some romaine lettuce in a pita and add chicken or tuna salad.  Make ham and cheese rollups in a tortilla or use some of that extra chicken (above) for a yummy chicken wrap (with lettuce, tomatoes, bell pepper slices, onions, whatever sounds good to you)

Not only will you find that these recipes save you money, they also save you calories.  Making them good for your waistline and your wallet!

What do you like to pack for lunch?


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