Beginning Couponing: How many weekly newspapers should I get?

  How many weekly newspapers should a couponer get?

I say at least four.  Why?  Well, the more coupons you have the more items you’ll be able to get when they are on sale.  Yes, a sale on cereal is great and if you have a coupon that makes a box $1.00 that’s a good deal.  But if you had FOUR coupons you could get four boxes at $1.00 each and that will last you until the next sale to save you from paying full price!

If you’re just starting to coupon and getting four papers seems overwhelming, then start with just two. But please, whatever you do, don’t buy just one!  Getting papers in an even number assures that you will have the right amount of coupons for a BOGO sale.  Since you can use a coupon on each item in a BOGO sale you want to make sure you have at least two papers so you’ll have two coupons.  (Getting four papers means you’ll have 4 coupons and can do a BOGO deal twice.)

The Dollar Tree sells Sunday newspapers for $1.00 but they do sell out quickly.  You can also subscribe to multiple copies of the Sunday newspaper.  I get two delivered to my house so I know I always have two.  Then I will pick up at least two more at the store or paper box on Sunday.  I don’t subscribe to more because there are a few weeks throughout the year that there aren’t any coupons in the paper.  So I decided that subscribing to two was enough and I can pick up extras if I want the extras.


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