Thinking “outside the box” for Operation Christmas Child items!

 Here are some more items for my Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes.  Everything in this picture was completely free.   I’ll just start at the top and go clockwise.  The pens were free during back-to-school shopping time.  The two little card games came from different kid’s meals when I forgot to ask for an “under 3” toy.  The train whistle came with one of Bug’s Thomas movies but he had one already.  The stuffed duck was from a vendor at fair.  The story book and three drawing books were again from kid’s meals that I didn’t get an under 3 toy in.  The little board book is an under 3 toy but didn’t interest Bug.  (I know, it looks like we eat out alot but this was all from a span of a few months…)  And the Hidden Pictures sheet came in the mail trying to get me to sign up for a subscription to Highlights.  It’s a little booklet with coloring page, games and came with a sheet of stickers for the Hidden Picture game on the front.

I thought about these items for a while and decided that there was no reason they couldn’t go in a shoebox.  So I have added them to my donation box and no cost to me!

Here are some more items that I’ve added also.   The comic book also came out of a kid’s meal.  When I took Bug to the Play Date with Thomas at Toys ‘R Us, the lady gave us extra goodie bags!  So the Thomas booklets, sticker set, matching card game, candy and boxes of crayons all came from the extra bags!  More FREE items to use!

I am pleased with everything I’ve been able to add to the donations for free.  My box is getting a little full:

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