Packed 2 boxes for Operation Christmas Child!

My tub containing all my stuff for Operation Christmas child was getting too full and I had two shoeboxes lying around so I decided to start dividing out some of the items.  The box on the left is for the 5-7 year old boy.  Highlights include a t-shirt, flip flops, Thomas & Friends matching game, storybook and stickers, and a pack of Crayola Color Wonder markers and coloring sheets.

The other box if for a 8-12 year old boy.  Highlights included a baseball cap, Pictureka card game, box of magic tricks, how-to-draw books and plenty of pencils.

Niether box is complete, but now I have a better idea of what else I need to get for these two boys.  :)

Catch up on my journey of how I am trying to pack six boxes and pay the $7 shipping fee on each of them all while spending less than $60!  So far I have only spent $5.28 of my budget!