Monday’s Money Saving Recipe – Creative Green Bean dishes

  When I can get canned green beans for around 33c a can, I stock up.  That seems to be the lowest price I can find.  But canned green beans are pretty bland.  So I asked the question on Facebook a while back, What do you do with your canned green beans?  I got some wonderful answers from my readers!

I’m sharing them with you today because canned vegetables are a stockpile item (you buy lots when the price is low) and anytime we cook from our stockpile, we are saving money!

My trick is to add diced red onion to them and season them with salt, pepper, garlic salt and a few splashes of soy sauce while they’re heating up on the store.

Reader Rachel D. suggested topping them with Italian dressing.  (Several readers suggested Ranch dressing also!)

Reader Wanda S. said to melt some Velveeta and pour over them.

Anne H. said, “I cook them as normal and  then stir in some bottled szechuan sauce..  my husband and I LOVE them this way! OR scalloped greenbeans…  fry some onion until clear..add greenbeans until warmed… stir in one can of cream of chicken soup .. transfer to baking dish.. cover in shredded cheddar cheese.”

Jennifer T. shared this recipe: “Strain all liquid out of the can and saute in butter, add diced bacon and saute till all are cooked, and bacon is crispy. Add some chopped/diced onions and red bell peppers for extra flavor and color.”

Jamie D. suggested seasoning them with a ham hock, pinch of salt, tablespoon of butter and a pinch of chili powder.

And Shannon M. said to check out this green bean recipe here.

Thanks everyone for your wonderful suggestions!