Beautiful Books: I Love My Mommy Because…

Looking for the perfect book(s) for children for Christmas? Every Sunday, we will be featuring a book that received 5 stars at Beautiful Books for Children. Hopefully these reviews from a fellow mom will help you pick the right books for your children!

This week’s book is right up my alley.  I love reading books like this with Bug:

I Love My Mommy Because… by Laurel Porter-Gaylord

Cuddle books are those that invite lap time, hugs, and a little nose rub.  Maybe along the way your child will have a little reminder of all the ways you are there for them all day and know how much they are loved.  Extra bonuses on this book are that it is a board book, so perfect for even little hands, and that it is available under Amazon’s Bargain Book program so you can get it free when you buy 3 other qualify books. How great is that? Read the full book review including activities to do together after reading this book.


Rivka Kawano is mom to three boys and an avid reader who loves finding beautiful books to share with her kids. You can read all of her book reviews and suggestions at:

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