Stockpiling Saturday – Stock up price for toilet paper

I had let my toliet paper stockpile dwindle down so I was excited last week when found Angel Soft on sale last week at Winn-Dixie at my  “stock-up price”.
With toilet paper coming in so many different sized packs (6 mega rolls, 12 double rolls,  8 big rolls) you may think it’s difficult to figure out the best price.  (I know it was hard for my at first).  But this little trick should help you figure it out!
Take the total square footage in the pack of toilet paper, move the decimal two places to the left.  This is what you should be paying or less.  Anything more than this number is not the best deal.  Example: 300.5 sq ft – move decimal point – 3.005 = $3.00 or less is what you want to pay for the pack.  This equates to 1c per square foot.  (If you pay less, then you are getting it for LESS THAN 1c per square foot!)
Last week I was able to get Angel Soft 9 Mega Roll packs that are 400 sq ft for $4.00/pack.  Which is exactly $0.01 per square foot, my stock up price!
So just use this little formula next time you’re shopping for toilet paper and you’ll be scoring cheap TP in no time!  (I have about 2000 sq ft stockpiled right now!)

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