September is National Coupon Month – Coupon Facts!

   Did you know that September is National Coupon Month?  How fun!

I was reading some coupon facts, and one stated that 96% of couponers said that they’d continue to coupon even if they won the lottery!  I’d be one of the 96%, would you?

Here are some more fun coupon facts:


  1. In total, consumers saved $2 billion in the first six months of 2011.
  2. The average face value in the first half of 2011 is up 5.4% to $1.57 compared to $1.49 for the first half of 2010.

  3. Consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers offered consumers $485 billion in savings in 2010, representing a 13.9% increase over the prior year and 47.4% growth compared to five years ago.

  4. In 2010, marketers once again distributed more CPG coupons than the prior year, reaching 332 billion – the largest single-year distribution quantity ever recorded in the United States, exceeding the prior record set in 2009 by 6.8%.

  5. Ninety-six percent of consumers said that they would still use coupons if they struck it big in the lottery. This reflects the value-oriented mindset that took root at the onset of the recession. This learned behavior was shared by shoppers whether their annual income was $20,000 or over $150,000.
  6. 56% of 13- to 17-year-olds use coupons or coupon codes, according to the parents of these teens – savers themselves. The teens, however, are using coupons and  coupon codes for items most important to them:

    • 25% clothing;
    • 19% entertainment; and
    • 18% beauty care/grooming
  7. Seventy-eight percent of consumers report using coupons regularly, up 14.7 share points from pre-recession levels, and one-third said that they used more coupons in 2010 than the prior year.

  8. Once consumers adopt frugal habits, they quickly discover that they like the feeling of saving money. Acceptance of these new habits can be seen in the largest share of response for increased coupon usage in the 2010 survey – 29.3% of consumers stated they are using more coupons for the enjoyment of saving, an increase of 11.7 share points over those stating that reason the prior year.
  9. More than one in three male shoppers is shopping multiple stores in order to find the lowest price on needed items.

Read some more fun coupon facts here.

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