Operation Christmas Child box update

  It’s been almost two months since my last update but I’ve still been collecting!

Here’s what I’ve been able to add to my box:

  • Brand new pack of playdough – $1 at a yard sale (has 8 containers of playdough so I’ll be able to split it up into several boxes!)
  • Brand new hat Hubs never wore – FREE from cleaning out!  I’m going to put it in the box for the 10-14 year old boy
  • Color pencils and watercolors – FREE found in a box in my garage of stuff from my mom’s house (I know…she’s been gone 3 years and I still have boxes I haven’t gone through!)
  • Hair elastics – FREE from Walgreens a few weeks ago
  • happy meal toy – FREE I had asked for the “under 3” toy but it was really to juvenile for Bug.  So we’re passing it along!
  • Suave deodorant – FREE at CVS quite a few weeks ago

So….total for everything in this picture?  $1!

Here is what my collection box looks like now:

My total paid for everything so far is $3.80!!  Catch up how I’m planning on packing 6 boxes for $10 or less (including the $7 shipping donation for each box!) here.

Collections for OCC boxes begin in early November.  So I don’t have much time left!