Don’t forget your tax free items in Alabama (and other states) this weekend!

Is your state participating in Tax Free back-to-school shopping this weekend?  Check this list!

Alabama’s is going on right now (thru midnight Sunday night)  It’s good even if you don’t have a child in school because it covers a wide variety of items other than just school supplies!

This would be a great weekend to buy a laptop – tax free!

Also included in the tax free list for Alabama (other states, please check your lists to be sure) are:

Clothes that are less than $100 per article of clothing and are suitable for general use (swimsuits, lingerie and things like that will not be tax free).  But all your general items (jeans, pants, tops, shoes, socks, underwear, etc) will be tax free!

Books under $30 per book!

Diapers.  Yes, diapers!

Printers and supplies.  Yes, including printer ink!

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