Daily Deal: Fusion Power Bandz $14.99

You can get a Fusion Power Bandz at DailyDeelz.com for just $14.99.    This deal is good for another 12 hours or so.

I’m thinking about getting one of these.  Does anyone have one?  Do they really work?  I have days where I feel bad for no good reason. I would love to find some magic relief for that!

Have you heard about DailyDeelz.com? It’s like Groupon and other deal sites but the main differences are:

  • no waiting for a certain number of people to buy a deal before you get it. You don’t even have to wait until the end of the day! Purchase your deal and print your voucher right away!
  • share deals with friends and family and if they buy, you earn CASH (not credits!)! Once they sign up under you, you will earn 5% off everything they ever spend!

I think I’m going to like DailyDeelz.com! Sign up today to check it out for yourself!

Local deals have not launched in all areas yet. If you are in Alabama, they need almost 3000 people to sign up for the daily e-mail for Alabama deals before they can launch local deals. But everyone can take advantage of the National and Getaway deals!!

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