Saturday’s Saving Tips – DIY Pest Control

In a effort to try to cut costs, I decided that I was no longer going to pay a pest company $75 every three months to treat my house for bugs. I went to Wal-Mart and bought Raid Max Bug Barrier.  It’s supposed to be as good as the stuff the professionals use, guaranteed to kill bugs up to 12 months (what?!? I’ve been paying people to do it 4 times a year!) and is easy to use!

So, a couple weeks ago I treated the inside perimeter of the “man cave” which is in the basement (and really the only place we see bugs) and then I sprayed around the doors and windows in the garage. I also sprayed around the doors and windows of the house from the outside and around the edges of the porches.

I have not sprayed anything inside in the “living areas” of the house. I limited the inside spraying to the basement. I’ll see how this goes. Hubs says he’s seen less spiders downstairs. And I’ve noticed a couple dead bugs around the garage doors that must have come across the “poison perimeter” and not made it very far. :)

So far I am pleased and since I barely used anything out of this enormous jug, it will last a while. Should I want to retreat every month, it still might last me a whole year. And since I paid less then $10 for it (I used a coupon too!) I have saved myself over $290! ($75 every 3 months x 4 for a years worth of professional service is $300!)

Do you pay a pest service or do you DIY?

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